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A grandparent-grandchild relationship is important for both the child and the grandparent. Unfortunately, when there is bad blood in a divorce or separation, that animosity sometimes spreads to the extended family. Persons important to the child are cut out, and ultimately the child suffers.

Fortunately, the courts recognize the importance of this relationship, and visitation rights is awarded to grandparents in appropriate cases. In some circumstances, custody or guardianship may even be awarded to grandparents.

At TJC ● ESQ, we represent grandparents in Rhode Island who are looking for legal support to foster their relationship with a grandchild. Contact us online or call 401-441-5858 or toll free at 866-415-6041 to find out how we can help you.

Helping Achieve Visitation Rights

Rhode Island has specific statutes that govern claims by a grandparent to visitation rights. It is the goal of Rhode Island courts to act in the best interests of the child. If one parent has been denied visitation rights, his or her parents (the child's grandparents) can seek visitation rights. A grandparent can also seek redress if both parents are obstructing current visitation rights with the grandchild.

How We Can Help

At TJC ● ESQ, we understand that the bond shared between and grandparent and a grandchild is unique and should be fostered. It is important for a child to have many sources of love and care. Unfortunately, when bad blood from a divorce spreads into the extended family, grandparents are often left feeling helpless and denied access to their grandchildren.

Our firm's attorneys want to protect positive family relationships for the good of the child. We will work with you to highlight the positives in your case, and demonstrate to the court the importance of your relationship with your grandchild. If the mother or father of your grandchild is denied visitation rights after the breakdown of their marriage, the child does not have to lose a grandparent as well. If a parent's bitterness from the divorce is causing you to miss out on valuable time with your grandchild, we will aggressively fight for your rights.

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