Electronic Discovery in Divorce

Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys Using State-of-the-Art Technology

Years ago, people may have had only a note, a card, or a hotel receipt as tangible evidence to prove infidelity, financial secrecy, or other misconduct in marriage. Today technology provides us with a range of possibilities for such discovery in a divorce case.

TJC ESQ is a family law firm in Rhode Island with significant experience in electronic discovery and computer forensics. Attorney Tim Conlon frequently lectures on this topic to legal associations, trial lawyers and judges throughout the country. Our Rhode Island divorce lawyers consult with other attorneys facing electronic discovery issues in divorce.

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Methods of Electronic Discovery

Family law courts have increasingly relied on electronic evidence as a means of determining the marital estate, or documenting the misconduct of a party during the marriage when the parties face divorce cases.

As a family law firm that uses electronic discovery, we work with investigators to review the following:

  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Computer hard drives
  • Internet browsing history
  • Online banking records
  • Instant messaging history
  • Calendar entries

Combining Technology and Legal Knowledge

Today's electronic discovery mirrors society's use of technology in nearly every facet of life. The amount of information stored electronically is astounding. As this information makes our lives easier in many ways, the electronic 'trail' that is left behind by our activities grows. Is there a voicemail in your (or your spouse's) email? Does that photo in a cell phone contain information documenting when, and where it was taken. That kind of information can be crucial evidence in a divorce case.

Attorney Tim Conlon is a frequently lecturer on the topic of electronic discovery, and understands the complexities involved in this type of investigation. Other lawyers and law firms look to us for knowledge of electronic discovery in uncovering hidden assets or an extramarital affair. Our firm is proud to offer the latest in technology to clients facing divorce.

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