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Timothy J. Conlon

Within the family law legal community of Rhode Island, one attorney stands out, one name is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue: Timothy J. Conlon. Considered dynamic and aggressive by his peers and formidable litigator and mediator by his clients’ opposition, Attorney Conlon has truly built a name for himself and his law firm by accepting and winning high-profile family law cases of all kinds.

Some of the case types Attorney Conlon frequently works:

No one reaches the top of their class by only doing the bare minimum, by only accepting the cases they know they can win. Attorney Conlon is often considered one of the best in Rhode Island because he has the courage, compassion, and drive to take on complex cases that other law firms turn down due to the risk. Willing to stake his reputation on each case he handles, Tim Conlon takes personal responsibility for his clients’ wellbeing and victories, even when the odds are piled high against him and extreme measures are necessary.

Tim Conlon works closely with his team to get the best results for every client.
Tim Conlon works closely with his team to get the best results for every client.

Few other Rhode Island family law attorneys will accept the cases Tim Conlon considers to be the groundwork of his practice. For them, the stakes are simply too high. A loss would mean the destruction of their reputation and possibly their professional careers. For Attorney Conlon, losing a case for a child who has been sexually abused, or a spouse in fear of their health and safety, is simply not an option. He and his legal team, who act as his pillars of support when the going gets tough, have recovered substantial awards from educational departments, group homes, and religious institutions; in other words, he has taken on some of the largest oppositions imaginable and came out ahead.

Tim Conlon’s Accolades Speak for Him

Rhode Island divorce attorney Tim Conlon has the experience, know-how, and tenacity that few other lawyers in the state can claim. For those who rely on more than a man’s words as proof, look no further than Attorney Conlon’s numerous and impressive accolades.

The top achievements, recognition, and memberships given to Attorney Conlon include:

Timothy Conlon was featured in the 2013 issue of Super Lawyers Magazine
Timothy Conlon was featured in the 2013 issue of Super Lawyers Magazine

Tech-Savvy Approach for the Future of Family Law

As a Rhode Island divorce attorney who studied electrical engineering at Brown University, Tim Conlon has a distinct advantage over many of his peers in the legal field. The future of litigation and law, and essentially everything else in our day-to-day lives, is digital and electronic. Recognizing the importance of adapting to the changing times and the immeasurable benefits the digital age would bring with it, Attorney Conlon and his team strive to stay up-to-date and up-to-speed with the latest and greatest computer forensics and technologies. Clients can reach him at virtually any time of day, any day of the year, no matter where they are located.

Beyond bringing unparalleled convenience to his clients, Attorney Conlon’s computer skills and background places him at the forefront of electronic evidence and discovery techniques in Rhode Island. E-discovery is especially useful in divorce cases that may or may not involve infidelity. By analyzing emails, text messages, internet browser history, and more, Tim Conlon can pinpoint and extract useful data, images, video files, and posts to build the validity of his clients’ claims, with the ultimate goal of maximizing their rights and property during divorce.

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