Joint Custody Agreements

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A joint, or shared, custody agreement is granted to parents who do not live together but who wish to share in the decision-making responsibilities concerning their children. A joint custody agreement can include legal custody, physical custody, or both. Typically, these agreements are reserved for parents who are divorced, separated, or no longer cohabiting.

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Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

The courts prefer to grant joint custody over sole custody whenever possible, as this is the best way to keep both parents present and active in a child's life. In joint custodial arrangements, parents share the legal and physical responsibilities of raising a child, including decisions regarding the child's education, moral upbringing, and healthcare. They also share physical time spent with the child, including living arrangements.

In sole custodial arrangements, only one parent is granted physical and / or legal custody. Cases of sole custody are typically reserved for situations in which one parent is deemed "unfit." For example, a parent who struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, or a parent who has displayed abusive or neglectful behavior, may be seen as unfit for legal and / or physical child custody privileges.

Establishing & Enforcing Joint Custody in Rhode Island

Parents who share joint custody will not necessarily split their time equally with the child. However, whenever possible, the state does prefer that the child's contact with both parents be frequent and ongoing. That being said, all joint custody agreements should establish the following:

  • Residential Schedule
  • Holiday Schedule
  • Vacation Schedule

Provisions for telephone and / or electronic communication between the child and each parent should also be arranged for in the joint custody agreement.

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