Finding Hidden Assets in Rhode Island Divorce

We Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology

Sadly, there are too many divorces, in which one spouse deliberately hides assets from the other. Discovering these assets - bank accounts, overseas real estate, trust funds - can be a very difficult process. In many cases, a divorce is finalized without one spouse ever knowing the assets existed.

At TJC ESQ, we are experienced in finding hidden assets in divorce. We use many cutting-edge methods, including electronic discovery, to locate even the most difficult assets to find.

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How Assets Are Hidden

Locating marital property that is not clearly identified or known to parties is important in accurately dividing a marital estate.

Ways in which an individual can hide or undervalue assets in divorce are:

  • Use of false documents
  • Undisclosed assets (retirement accounts, trusts, etc.)
  • Undervaluing business assets
  • Holding property in the hands of a third party
  • Overseas bank accounts, real estate, or investments

There are numerous ways in which an individual can hide assets in divorce. That is why it is so important to work with a lawyer who is familiar with the many ways in which people avoid disclosing important financial information in divorce. Our goal is to put our clients on equal legal footing with their spouse, so the divorce is finalized fairly and equitably.

Discovering Undisclosed Assets in Contested Divorce

At TJC ESQ, we use a variety of techniques to discover hidden assets:

  • Electronic discovery - Whenever digital technology is used, an electronic trail is left. We are experienced in utilizing technology to discover any financial information not disclosed.
  • Cross-referencing bank and financial records
  • Analyzing credit card accounts
  • Checking legal documents used in the sale of real estate or other property

Every case has unique considerations. Our firm's attorneys will customize their approach to handling your case. Even if you are unaware of property owned by your spouse, we will use the means necessary to accurately investigate your case.

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