Reorganization & Valuation of Marital Businesses and Assets

Business Dissolution Divorce in Rhode Island

As difficult as divorce can be, financial issues are relatively straightforward when the parties are employed wage earners. When one - or both - of the parties own and run a small business, divorce is significantly more complex.

There are important questions to consider when dividing marital assets, including:

  • How do you consider the income producing potential of the business?
  • How do you consider fringe benefits available to the principals?

At TJC ESQ, we represent divorcing parties in property division involving businesses and other marital assets. Make sure that you end up with your fair share.

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Protecting a Business in Divorce

Do you own a family-run business, a closely held corporation, or other form of small business? We can work with you and your financial advisors to explore creative alternatives to help minimize disruption and protect the long-term stability of your venture. Even if there has to be litigation, we can discuss strategies to contain the conflict and allow your business to function. We have handled reorganization of marital businesses and assets as diverse as antiques and telecommunications.

Accurately Valuating Businesses

Before a business can be divided in divorce, its value must be accurately determined. Our firm works with business valuation experts to determine the economic value of a business and to consider other factors that may affect the reorganization.

Whether you are the sole or joint owner of a business, business valuation is a necessary step in the reorganization process. Each business has its own considerations, and our firm will learn your personal and business objectives before proceeding.

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If you or your spouse own a business, contact an attorney for assistance in planning and managing the issues that arise in marital asset division.

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