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From our many years of experience, our family lawyers at TJC ESQ know that divorce can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences that a person will go through in their life. We also know that no two cases, and no two clients, are the same. Due to this understanding, we view our role not only as legal advocates, but also as advisors, counselors, and trusted friends. Our team is versed in the divorce laws of the State of Rhode Island, and are sensitive to the diverse needs of our clients.

During a free case evaluation, our Rhode Island divorce lawyers can discuss your legal options for your family law issues, including the possibility for agreement, thus avoiding the time and expense associated with a contested divorce. If an agreement that is in your interest cannot be reached, we are skilled and experienced at trial law, and will litigate your case in the Rhode Island Family Courts. Our objective is to protect your legal and financial interests, and your relationships with your children. We want to provide the resources that you need to move forward with your life.

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Handling Specific Facets of Family Law

Entering a divorce or any other heated family law dispute is not going to be a straightforward process, not for the most part, anyway. You need to prepare yourself and your case for any potential complications that could be in your future.

Our Rhode Island divorce attorneys can provide personalized counsel for your family law needs, including:

  • Divorce: The most notorious of all family law issues, divorce is the dissolution of a marriage through legal means. However, it opens up the door for a great deal of other complications that need to be addressed, such as concerns centered on shared children or property. If family law is a structure, divorce could be considered only the foundation. We represent clients in contested divorce and uncontested divorce in Rhode Island.
  • Separation: Not every married couple that wants time apart wants the marriage to come to an end. Time may be required to figure out what should be done. In such instances, a legal separation can be used, which is provides many of the same legal benefits of a divorce without the actual dissolution of the marriage. Sometimes this is the only option for couples who cannot or will not divorce due to religious beliefs.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Before you finalize your marriage, it may be greatly beneficial to you and your spouse to discuss terms regarding what should happen if your marriage does end in divorce. It should be noted that creating a prenuptial agreement is not indicative of someone’s want for a divorce or unhappiness in marriage, but is instead merely the groundwork for a more stable future with, hopefully, less trouble.
  • Postnuptial agreements: A postnuptial agreement is the close cousin to the prenuptial agreement, in that it outlines what should be done in regards to property division, child custody, and so on in the event of a divorce. The only different is that this is a document that is drafted and agreed upon after the couple has already married. Once again, this should be seen as a “safety net” to prevent struggles, just in case, and not as a token of discontent.

Tackling Complex Divorce Matters

We have handled reorganization of marital businesses and assets as diverse as antiques and telecommunications, and have assisted clients in addressing the impact of substance abuse, sexual abuse, addiction, and mental illness on their children and families. Our goal is to protect the legal rights of our clients and their families, while providing them the support and assistance they need as they make important changes in their lives.

Where children are involved, issues of child custody, child support and visitation will need to be resolved. We will help you to make the decisions and to craft the solutions that are in your best interests, and those of your children and family. Often we will consult with counselors or treatment providers that have worked with the family or with your child. We are very familiar with the psychological issues that arise in families.

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If you are going through a separation or divorce, you need the attention of a skilled Rhode Island family law attorney to protect your legal rights. Likewise, if you have already gone through a divorce but need to request a post-divorce modification due to a change in circumstances, we are ready to offer the counsel and representation you need.

From offices in Providence, Rhode Island, and South County, we handle divorce, separation, and related family law matters. We generally have several interstate matters open at any given time, and have handled multi-state custody litigation relating to California, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas and Utah.

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