Depositions of Louis E. Gelineau, Bishop of Providence

Defendants have repeatedly sought stays in federal and state court litigation relating to clerical child sexual abuse. Notwithstanding, Louis E. Gelineau, then Bishop of Providence was questioned on April 2, April 11, and April 16, 1997, by Susan McGuirl, (formerly an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Rhode Island, lead counsel for two plaintiffs in Federal Court), and Mr. Conlon, on behalf of plaintiff Kenneth Smith. Each of these transcripts is available online.

NOTE: Bishop Gelineau and his counsel repeatedly asserted "first amendment" privileges as a basis for refusal to answer questions regarding clerical misconduct and the Church's response to same. Accordingly, questioning of the Bishop was suspended pending rulings on these objections. Plaintiffs anticipate pressing these first amendment claims at further depositions in the state court matters.

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