Auto Accidents in Connecticut

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After the initial aftermath of a car accident comes to an end, your first priority should be to retain a Connecticut car accident lawyer from TJC ESQ to help you with your upcoming case. Insurance companies will often try to pay the minimum amount, or none at all, to car accident victims. The best way to get them to stay honest and provide the damages necessary may be to take a lawsuit to their door. Allow us to be your legal champions.

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What to Do After a Car Accident

The main component of any car accident claim is proving liability. While it may be clear to you that you are not to blame for the collision, it might not be obvious to anyone else. In order to enhance your chances of securing compensation and avoiding misplaced liability, there are a few things you should always do after being in an auto accident.

  1. Call emergency responders: If someone has been injured or the damage is significant, call the authorities. Paramedics can provide lifesaving treatment at the site of the accident and give you a medical report to use in your claim later. Police officers can detain drunk drivers, direct traffic away from the debris the accident scattered across lanes, and provide a police statement that can also be used as evidence to your advantage.
  2. Get evidence: The evidence of the car crash is all around you immediately following a collision but do you know how to gather it? Put simply, you can use your smartphone's camera to take pictures that will provide the framework for your claim. Build atop what you can show through photographs with eyewitness testimonies.
  3. Do not apologize: Insurance companies will do anything they can to take liability off their client and put it back onto you. An apology or "I'm sorry this happened" can be misconstrued into an admission of guilt, pushing partial liability into your lap.

Contact an Attorney at Your Earliest Chance

The final step in handling a car accident is getting a legal professional on your side as soon as possible. Let our Connecticut car accident attorneys know what happened by dialing (203) 423-0073; you should consider contacting us before you even talk to your insurance company, for we can advise you on what you should and should not say to them. In the end, we truly care about your recovery, health, and wellbeing. We believe you will see our genuineness in everything we do.

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