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Drivers are taking distraction to a new level this holiday

If you go to the mall or your favorite department store, you may not be surprised to see people shopping. After all, it is the season when holiday shoppers scurry to make their gift purchases, and it seems as if shoppers are in more of a hurry each year.

Where you may not expect to find a shopper is in the driver's seat of the car that passes you on the highway as you travel. However, new research shows that this is where many Americans are making their holiday purchases. As risky as it may seem to read and send a text while driving, you can imagine how deadly it can be to make online purchases from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

The important financial decisions you'll make during your divorce

Making the choice to file for divorce is not easy, even if you are no longer in a place where you want to remain with your partner for the rest of your life. The decision to divorce can be emotional and stressful, especially when you think about the ways it can impact your financial future. One thing you may want to do is take steps to protect your long-term interests – even from the earliest stages of the divorce process.

Thinking ahead can help you make decisions that will allow you to have a strong future. The goal of your divorce order is not to secure terms that allow you to get revenge on your spouse, but it is provide you with what you need for security and stability. The choices you make matter, and it will benefit you tremendously to keep your focus on what is truly important.

People don't always divorce for the usual reason

You can say certain things about divorce that most people in Connecticut would agree with, such as it is a life-changing event or that it is often stressful. However, there is really no such thing as a typical marital break-up because no two married couples are exactly the same. In fact, sometimes the reasons people have for deciding to end their marriages in court are anything but common.

Perhaps you're considering divorce at this time and you're worried that your reasons for wanting to move on in life might sound a bit outlandish to some. The fact is, what your friends, co-workers or others think isn't the priority. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. What's most important is building a strong support network from the start and knowing what steps to take to help accomplish your goals.

Did one of these common causes contribute to your truck accident?

You, like all other Rhode Island residents, want to get to your intended destination unscathed when traveling the roads. Of course, some of your trips could seem a bit questionable in regard to whether a safe arrival will be the outcome. You cannot control the actions of other drivers, and you do not know what may be affecting their driving abilities at any given moment. As a result, you are always at risk when on the road.

In particular, you may worry about tractor-trailers and their drivers. If so, you are not alone as many people have a fear of involvement in a truck accident. Though the majority of these accidents are preventable, some causes show themselves more than others.

Is money disappearing while you're preparing for divorce?

When you filed a petition to divorce in a Connecticut court, you understood that you were doing something that would prompt big changes in your life. You might have even thought twice about it when you considered the potential repercussions it might have in your kids' lives or concerning your personal finances. After ultimately deciding that you would rather sever ties than remain in an unhappy relationship, you began carefully planning your future.

Perhaps you had high hopes that you and your spouse would peacefully resolve all the important issues, sign necessary documents, then go your separate ways without a lot of stress or drama. Then, you noticed money missing from your jointly owned bank account. It's definitely not the first time a spouse preparing for divorce has experienced this. It warrants further investigation because you might have a hidden asset problem on your hands.

Driving safely at night takes some planning

Many people's days don't end when the sun goes down. Since electricity went mainstream, people's lives changed forever. Nowadays, many work well into the night, staying up late and otherwise continuing to live life regardless of the time of day.

Doing so means driving for most people. When the sun goes down, artificial lights rarely provide the same amount of lighting as it does. Since most accidents happen at night, it would probably benefit you to know a few safety tips for driving at night.

3 ways in which adultery can affect your divorce

Perhaps there is no greater feeling of betrayal than when you learned that your spouse has been unfaithful. While some couples can overcome this crisis, especially if it was a one-time occurrence, it may signify the rapid end of the marriage for others.

The question many divorcing couples ask is how will the adultery affect the outcome of the divorce. With more states adopting no-fault divorce options, you may think infidelity will not be a factor. However, in Rhode Island, it is possible for infidelity to affect the outcome of alimony, asset division, and in extreme cases, child custody.

The factors that play a role in many motorcycle crashes

Do you enjoy riding a motorcycle? Do you love the experience of feeling the wind on your face and the freedom you have when enjoying the open road outside the confines of a car? Riding motorcycles is both a recreational activity and mode of transportation for many others in Rhode Island like yourself. 

As an experienced biker, you understand how important it is for you to drive safely. You are vulnerable to injury in the event of a crash, even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear. You could be a very safe and cautious driver when on your bike, but unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of others. Many drivers do not know how to or may not care to share the road safely with motorcycles.

How can you fight for your separate property in divorce?

Divorce is a complicated and emotionally charged process. It will not surprise you to learn that property division is often one of the most contentious processes in a Rhode Island divorce. If you are facing the end of your marriage, you may be wondering what will happen to your personal property and how you can secure a strong future. 

One of the most important steps in the property division process is to determine what is separate property and what is marital property. Marital property is anything you accumulated over the course of your marriage, and it is eligible for division between the two spouses. Separate property is yours, and your spouse does not have a claim to it.

Did your loved one suffer a spinal cord injury in a car accident?

Car accidents happen on a daily basis. Though many people may have the ability to walk away from those accidents without serious harm, others are not so lucky. In fact, your loved one may have suffered a catastrophic injury that left his or her life changed forever.

Because you love the injured person, you may be gaining information on the injury, possible treatment options and maybe even routes for seeking compensation for the damage caused by the accident. If your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury as the result of a crash caused by someone else's negligence, gaining such information is wise.

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