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| Dec 16, 2015 | Divorce, Social Media

When you are going through a divorce, if it is contested, you should expect that your spouse is doing everything in their power to cast you in a less than favorable light. Past mistakes can be dredged up and current problems can be brought front and center, all in an attempt to win more marital property or parental rights. While this might seem unfair, to say the least, it is important not to get hung up on it and instead do what you can to protect yourself and your best interests during your divorce. And this includes checking your behavior on social media accounts.

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Timothy Conlon discusses digital forensics in divorce
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Nearly everyone has a Facebook account these days, and just about everyone likes to share their day-to-day lives on the site using posts and picture uploads. The intended purpose of Facebook allows you to connect with people from all around the world, but it can also allow your ex to effectively spy on you. If you post the wrong thing at the wrong time, you could seriously harm your divorce case. For example, if you are claiming you will not be able to afford alimony payments but then post pictures of your luxurious vacation in the Bahamas, a judge might be presented the images in court and start to see things differently.

Apps and Sites That Cause Real Damage

Some social media sites and apps are intrinsically negative for your divorce case, no matter how you look at them. In particular, Tinder is a highly popular app for mobile devices that allows people to browse other users in their area and decide if they are attracted to one another or not. While the argument could be made that you were simply looking for friends on the program, this is not its intended purpose and will unlikely take flight in divorce court.

Ashley Madison is another site that is particularly harmful for your case. The site advertises itself as a way for married people to cheat on their spouses without any consequence – despite the fact that millions of user identities were leaked due to a hack in 2015. Social media platforms such as Tinder and Ashley Madison indicate infidelity, or at least a lack of commitment to the marriage, and can harm your chances during your divorce.

If you are going through a divorce and you think social media is being used against you, it is time to contact TJC • Esq and our Rhode Island divorce lawyers. We can defend your best interests in your divorce by determining that your social media accounts do not indicate any wrongdoing on your part. We may even be able to use e-discovery methods to figure out if your spouse has been leaving clues of wrongdoing on their own social media sites. We can do whatever it takes to get you through this complex and difficult time with as a little stress as possible.

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