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| Feb 24, 2016 | Child Custody, Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you probably and understandably don’t want to split much between yourself and your spouse, especially not how your children are raised and where they live. You need to realize that on the other side of the courtroom, your ex is thinking the exact same thing. When it comes to winning full custody of your children, you need to take careful and deliberate steps to prepare your case, making it as waterproof as possible.

What Exactly is Full Custody?

Child custody is a blanket term for a handful of different forms of custody. Legal custody is your right to determine how your child is raised, as well as what medical procedures can be used on them in an emergency. Physical custody is where your child will live. Partial custody is splitting the responsibilities and decision-making for physical and legal custody between you and your ex-spouse. And lastly, full custody is not needing to share any responsibilities with your ex at all.

If you win full physical custody, your child will stay with you, wherever you go; your spouse will only be permitted to see them during set and agreed upon visitation hours. If you win full legal custody, you get the final say in all important decisions and lifestyle matters; you can consult your ex for their opinion but they have no legal right to demand or enforce it.

How Do I Win Full Custody of My Child?

The court wants to make certain that your child is care for appropriately, that they live each day as happy as can be. If you want to win full custody, you have to show that you can provide a comfortable lifestyle for them consistently. In other words, you need to be able to prove that you are a fully functioning, responsible adult, and you may even want to present evidence to show that your ex is not.

Aspects of your life that can improve your chances of winning full custody include:

  • Steady and ample income
  • Healthy relationship with child
  • Good physical and mental health
  • No criminal history

As your divorce proceedings likely began with disagreements, so will your child custody hearings. If you really want to bolster your chances of winning full custody, you will prepare your case and enter the courtroom with a professional Rhode Island family law attorney from TJC • ESQ. We have 30+ years of legal experience and are fronted by a Super Lawyer® with a “Superb” 10/10 Avvo rating. Call us at 410.216.4414 today to request your consultation.


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