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| Sep 27, 2016 | Divorce, FAQ

There are relatively few divorces that spring up out of one single and troubling event, and even fewer still that then follow through to completion. For the most part, divorce is a long, arduous process, in both how it can pan out in court and the thinking, debating, and inner-monologues that lead up to the decision to finally file the paperwork. If you keep finding yourself pacing back and forth, unsure if divorce is the right solution for your marriage problems, here are four factors you should consider, review, and re-review to help you make your choice.

  1. Your children: Out of everything that can give an unhappy spouse doubt about divorce, children are easily the number one factor. Children of all ages will react to a divorce in one way or another, usually with sadness. They may hide their feelings and try to stay strong for you if they are teenagers, but odds are they are unhappy about the decision. If you think that holding onto your marriage for their sakes is the right decision, you may want to talk to a marriage counselor.
  2. Overall happiness: Inspecting your feelings of dissatisfaction with your marriage could reveal dissatisfaction in other areas of your life as well. Many people on the verge of divorce may change their minds once they admit that their work, hobbies, or passions are no longer keeping their attention. Is there something else going on in your life that could be negatively impacting your happiness overall?
  3. Financial situation: Sometimes divorcing means dropping one or both spouses into a tight financial situation, especially if a spouse will lose health insurance coverage as a result. When the lack of finances will likely lead to undesirable, or even dangerously low, levels of income, divorce might be substituted for legal separation, which typically severs less marital ties.
  4. Old emotions: How much of your feelings from when your marriage was working remain now that you are considering divorce? Is there some part of you that is still in love with your spouse? People thinking about ending a marriage tend to get snagged right before filing because they rediscover an old emotion they thought had gone completely.

With all of this said, it is important to realize that divorce is neither something to expedite, nor is it something to intentionally avoid. Your happiness should be your priority, and you should act based on what will benefit you most in the end.

If you do believe that divorce is the solution and you live in Rhode Island, TJC • ESQ can help you with the legal aspects of divorce. Our Providence family law attorneys have more than 30 years of collective legal experience. Call 401-400-4254 to about our full range of services during an initial consultation.


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