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| Sep 28, 2016 | Divorce, FAQ

Knowing how much your divorce is going to cost you can help you plan for your financial future. The only problem is that there really is no set amount you will pay to complete your divorce.

In Rhode Island, if you only paid the basic filing fees and money the court and clerks collect for their services, you could potentially start and finish a divorce for a little under $1,000. But paying just those fees requires a completely uncontested divorce with absolutely no delay. In other words, you can’t bank on that happening due to all of the unique circumstances that are affecting your divorce process.

If there is a single point of concern that causes your divorce to become contested, you will need additional court dates to come up with an agreement, which equates directly to more money given to the state. If you want to make certain you are understanding the language in your divorce agreement fully, you will need to hire a divorce attorney, which, of course, also costs money. If you have high-value assets that need a professional appraisal, you’ll need to pay for that as well. If it isn’t clear already, services and necessities can add up.

Cutting Your Divorce Costs Where You Can

Despite all the unknowns, the cost of your divorce is still largely up to you. You can reduce how much you pay by doing your best to get along. Less arguments and fights means less time spent trying to hash out details with your lawyers. Try to keep an open mind throughout the process and see things from your ex’s perspective and you might find yourself coming to easy agreements.

But the real “cost” of divorce is not what you pay in fees but what you lose to your ex. Not comprehending what you’re signing is a great way to find out you lost your share of the family business, the family home you thought had been agreed to go to you, a portion of your own retirement savings account, etc. The money you spend on a trustworthy attorney will be nothing compared to what you stand to give up in a one-sided divorce agreement.

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