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| Jan 13, 2017 | Divorce

New Year, new start, and a new marriage? It seems to be that way. Family law firms and marital therapists across the country are taking to calling January “Divorce Month” due to the sharp rise in divorce filings this time of year; in many regions, the divorce rate spikes more than 300% when compared to the fall.

The underlying factor behind many of these January divorces is the feeling of starting anew. Everyone makes at least one New Year’s Resolution, even if they don’t write it down. For some people, that resolution is to have the courage or determination to end a marriage that hasn’t felt comfortable for quite some time.

Some people also want to “get it over with” before tax season comes around again. Depending on the financial situation of the family and both spouses, filing for divorce before filing for taxes could be beneficial. No need to needlessly complicate the matter even further by delaying.

Holding Onto the Holiday Spirit

A large percentage of divorce filings in January actually originate in the holiday season. But the feeling of “ruining Christmas” or the spirit of the season makes people hold off. For couples that share children together, the feeling of protecting the holidays by setting aside their divorce is even stronger.

Whether or not this actually helps anyone in the long run is up for debate. On one hand, the holiday season will be less stressful for friends and family. On the other, the spouses that are not happy in their marriage are forcing themselves to put on a smile for the people around them.

As a general rule, when you know you want to end your marriage, you should consider filing for divorce. Or, if you are just thinking about it but aren’t sure, you should talk to an attorney about your options. Legal separation could prove to be a workable middle ground between marriage and divorce, but you won’t know until you get the right information.

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