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Signs a child has been sexually abused

| Jul 19, 2019 | Child Sexual Abuse

Parents assume that they will always know when something is wrong with their children; however, you might not. When a child is sexually abused, it can be difficult for the parents to know. Learning some of the signs that are common in these cases can be beneficial.

Some children who are sexually abused will often have some behavioral issues that signal something is amiss. These can include wetting the bed after they’ve been potty trained, trying to remain dressed during bathing, showing sexual behaviors that aren’t age-appropriate, and not wanting to be left alone with a certain person. In some cases, they might only want to remain within arm’s reach of their primary caregiver.

These children might have emotional issues. They might suddenly have nightmares or be afraid to be alone at night. They might speak about sex-related topics they shouldn’t know about. They might seem anxious or fearful, and they may begin to show regressive behaviors.

Sometimes, genital trauma is the telltale sign. You might notice blood on the sheets or the child may complain about “private area” pain. They might show signs of a sexually transmitted infection, such as a foul smell or abnormal discharge.

Nothing is more infuriating for a parent than discovering that their child has been sexually abused. If you are in this position, the first thing you must do is try to keep your anger in check. Instead of turning violent, you have the option of turning to the courts, both civil and criminal, to seek justice for what your child has gone through. As you do this, you can work to help your child heal physically and emotionally.


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