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Dealing with your kids’ emotions during divorce

| Aug 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

Your divorce is a time of major changes for everyone in your family. Parents need to figure out how to help their children. In order to do this, you have to remember that one source of their feelings is that they don’t have control over what is happening. On top of this, they have to learn how to deal with emotions that they might not be familiar with and that are strong and hard to control.

It is normal for children to be sad when their parents divorce. Typically, they are going be able to overcome the sadness to continue with normal daily activities. You likely don’t have much to worry about if they are still doing the things they enjoy and staying active. When you notice that they aren’t doing those things, you might have to explore the possibility that there may be something deeper going on.

In some instances, your child’s emotions and sadness can manifest as irritability. This can impact their life at home and school. In this case, you have to help your children find ways that they can control that anger and turn it into positive fuel to better themselves.

One thing that your children need to know during these times is that they have your and your co-parent’s support. Ideally, you and your ex will be able to work together to provide them with consistency and a loving environment. Having a concise parenting plan can help to give them the stability that enables them to thrive. Your attorney can help you as you develop this plan.


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