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The factors that play a role in many motorcycle crashes

| Aug 21, 2019 | Firm News

Do you enjoy riding a motorcycle? Do you love the experience of feeling the wind on your face and the freedom you have when enjoying the open road outside the confines of a car? Riding motorcycles is both a recreational activity and mode of transportation for many others in Rhode Island like yourself. 

As an experienced biker, you understand how important it is for you to drive safely. You are vulnerable to injury in the event of a crash, even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear. You could be a very safe and cautious driver when on your bike, but unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of others. Many drivers do not know how to or may not care to share the road safely with motorcycles.

Types of human error

Most accidents are the result of some negligent or reckless decision made by another person. The consequences of these types of poor choices can range from minor injuries to death, but for bikers, it is much more likely that the consequences will be severe. One main cause of accidents involving motorcycles is speeding. Any time a person is driving too fast, it makes it much more likely that an accident will happen and that the injuries will be severe.

Distracted driving is also a common reason for many types of motor vehicle accidents, and it can be particularly dangerous for bikers. Drivers who are eating, looking at their phones, adjusting the radio, inputting information in their GPS system and doing other things are prone to swerve, cut off other drivers and increase the chance of an accident.

More vulnerable to injury

People inside a vehicle have the protection of a large steel frame in the event of a collision. Bikers do not have this, and there is only so much protective gear can do in an accident. Even low-speed accidents or collisions with stationary objects can result in injury or death. Hazards in the road also pose a significant risk as they can cause a biker to swerve, which makes it more likely he or she will lose control of the bike.

Victims have rights

If you suffered because of the actions of another driver, you could have the option to pursue legal recourse. While a personal injury claim cannot reverse the damage you experienced in a motorcycle accident, it can allow you to pursue the medical care and other types of help you need to get better and move forward.


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