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People don't always divorce for the usual reason

You can say certain things about divorce that most people in Connecticut would agree with, such as it is a life-changing event or that it is often stressful. However, there is really no such thing as a typical marital break-up because no two married couples are exactly the same. In fact, sometimes the reasons people have for deciding to end their marriages in court are anything but common.

Perhaps you're considering divorce at this time and you're worried that your reasons for wanting to move on in life might sound a bit outlandish to some. The fact is, what your friends, co-workers or others think isn't the priority. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. What's most important is building a strong support network from the start and knowing what steps to take to help accomplish your goals.

Believe it or not

The following list includes actual reasons some couples in the past decided to file for divorce that you may or may not think are a bit out of the ordinary:

  • There was a man who built a wall in his home. He later tore it down because it was dirty, and that apparently led his wife to file for divorce because she was tired of her husband obsessing over housework and cleanliness.
  • Would you think it was rather extraordinary if a spouse filed for divorce because of the other spouse's selection for a presidential candidate? A 22-year marriage ended for one couple when one of the spouses voted for Donald Trump and the other spouse didn't approve.
  • One woman wanted to divorce her husband after more than 20 years of marriage after learning that he had secretly divorced her in another country, years earlier. She wanted to nullify the first divorce and file a new petition herself.
  • A man felt that his wife had deceived him by wearing cosmetics before they married. When he saw her without make-up after they had exchanged marriage vows, he filed for divorce.

Many people, perhaps including yourself, might think it cruel and unfair to divorce a person simply because that person looks different without make-up. That doesn't make it any less legitimate if the proper steps are taken to navigate the process.

Your reasons are your reasons

If you've made a final decision to file a petition in a family court, you don't have to worry about what others might think of your reasons. Whether you would rather be on your own than stay in an unhappy marriage or wish to start fresh because you and your spouse have drifted apart, a key to accomplishing your goals is to take one step at a time and reach out for support as needed.

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