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Seeking compensation for child sexual abuse

| Nov 8, 2019 | Child Sexual Abuse

Discovering that your child was sexually abused is a traumatic experience for any parent. Your first thought is likely going to be to ensure that your child gets the help they need to learn to live with what happened. From there, you might want revenge. It is imperative that you keep your actions within the confines of the law. We know that this is difficult, but you do have options for handling these situations.

First, you should file a police report. This could trigger criminal charges against the person if there is evidence that proves they did take advantage of your child. The criminal case can lead to them spending time in prison, paying fines and having to register as a sex offender.

On top of the criminal case, a person accused of sexual misconduct with a child can face a civil lawsuit. This seeks compensation for the damages that the sexual abuse caused. The damages can include money to cover the medical bills and the mental health care bills that you have for your child. It can also involve compensating you for the time you have to miss work while you are helping your child to heal from the abuse.

These cases aren’t always easy to undergo. You will have to discuss the situation, which can be very difficult. Many parents in this position find that the benefit of being able to hold the person accountable far outweighs that negative points of going through this process. We are here to help you ensure that you are able to hold the person liable for the things they did to your child.


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