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Car wrecks are common during the holiday season

| Dec 22, 2019 | Personal Injury

People travel more around the holidays, which means that there is more traffic on the interstates and highways. Unfortunately, that uptick in travel also means that there are going to be more car wrecks. This is partly because there are more vehicles on the road, but it can also be because some drivers are distracted.

These drivers might be checking the directions to their destination, or they could just be deep in thought about the upcoming festivities. We know that you never thought that your holiday season would include a serious car accident, but we are to help you if this does happen.

Car wrecks that occur at interstate speeds can have catastrophic impacts. You might suffer from a serious injury, such as one to your brain or spinal cord. If you are hurt in the crash, you need to seek out medical care right away. While minor injuries might mean that you can go to the doctor or hospital on your own, some mean that you need to have the paramedics transport you from the scene to the emergency room.

These injuries can also mean that you have to miss work while you heal. This can have a negative impact on your income. Even if you have paid time off, there really isn’t any reason why you should have to do this just because of someone else’s negligence.

You do have the option of seeking compensation for the damages you suffer in these crashes. This is done through the civil court system as a personal injury claim. We can help you get the case put together and filed.


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