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The need for uninsured motorist coverage

| Jul 9, 2020 | Personal Injury

In a Connecticut motor vehicle accident, one never quite knows whether the other motorist has car insurance and how much they have. It is vital that everyone has uninsured motorist coverage so that they do not end up on the hook when the other driver has not followed the law.

In a car accident, it is the at-fault driver whose insurance is required to pick up the tab for the injuries and property damage. However, some drivers break the law and do not carry insurance. Similarly, some motorists may have cut-rate auto insurance to save money, which is not enough to pay for the other driver’s injuries.

In Connecticut, uninsured and underinsured injury coverage is already in the policy. The only way that a driver in the state could not carry this coverage is if they specifically reject it. Outside of that, the driver is covered up to their policy limits if they have an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. There may be a deductible for these accidents, but this coverage prevents a driver from being uncovered. Even though Connecticut requires auto insurance, 13% of drivers in the United States drive without auto insurance, placing all drivers on the road at risk.

Those who have been injured in an accident will need to file a claim with the appropriate insurance company. It is not always easy to deal with insurers as their interests are not aligned with their customers. An accident victim should contact a personal injury lawyer to learn more about the best way to handle the claim. The attorney may negotiate a settlement agreement with the insurance company on their client’s behalf.


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