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Tire blowout accidents can be avoided

| Jul 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

Tire blowouts are a common cause of deadly Connecticut truck accidents, especially along crowded I-95. However, this very dangerous type of accident is avoidable. Both truck companies and truck drivers can do their part to protect other drivers on the road and keep these accidents from happening.

Truck companies need to perform the proper maintenance and inspections on their vehicles. Part of this includes checking the tread and casing on the tires. Nearly 80% of tire blowout accidents are caused by wear and tear to the tires that could have been detected by routine maintenance. Only a small part of tire blowout accidents are caused by road hazards puncturing or damaging the tires. Tires almost never blow out on their own without a direct cause.

If there is a tire blowout, the second half of accident prevention is the action of the driver. The driver needs to react quickly yet calmly. While it seems counterintuitive to hit the gas when there is a blowout, that is exactly how a driver should react in order to stabilize the cab on the remaining tires. The driver should not jam the brakes because that will increase the chances that they lose control of the vehicle. The driver can prevent the truck from pulling in the direction of the blowout and keep it on course.

Truck accident lawsuits usually result in higher damage awards and settlements because the victims are more severely injured due to the size of the large trucks, and a portion of these lawsuits settle before they ever go to trial. Victims may want to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer to advise them of their legal rights and options. The lawyer may first try to negotiate a settlement agreement before they file a lawsuit in court on behalf of their client.


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