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Man charged with child sexual abuse on student in Connecticut

| Nov 25, 2020 | Child Sexual Abuse

In Connecticut and across the United States, child sexual abuse is an ongoing problem that impacts and damages many lives. Often, those who are in a position of power and responsibility over children take advantage of their position and commit terrible acts. Those charged with these crimes will face the legal ramifications and be penalized if they are convicted. Even with that, it is important to remember that the victims should also have a voice. Legal protections are critical to assist victims in dealing with what they have endured.

Man faces multiple federal and state charges for child sex abuse

A 69-year-old man who was tutoring a 7-year-old boy is facing multiple federal and state charges for sexual abusing the child. The man, a former schoolteacher in New York, is said to have taken images using his phone to record sexual conduct involving the child. The images were transported from Connecticut to New York, leading to the federal charges. He was hired by the boy’s family in Connecticut. He is said to have touched the child inappropriately and taken photos and videos of him. He had initially been arrested in April. The family complained last year than the man was taking inappropriate photos. On the phone, investigators found more than 1,500 videos and images.

Understanding and addressing problems after child sex abuse

Sexual abuse of a child is a traumatic issue. The child can will inevitably deal with myriad challenges in the aftermath. While this is undoubtedly worrisome and many parents and guardians might not know what they should do, there are options. It is important for victims and their family to be legally shielded when the accusations have been made and after a person has been arrested for these allegations. Having experienced legal assistance can be beneficial to put a stop to the abuse and take the necessary steps to ensure that the person responsible is held accountable.

Having legal assistance may be crucial after child sex abuse accusations

People trusted to mentor and teach children are frequently found to be predators who use their jobs and apparent skills to gain access to children and commit child sex abuse. Religious organizations, sports teams, schools, child care facilities, medical care providers and the Boy Scouts are just some examples of environments where this can take place. Having legal support can be a fundamental part of getting a child beyond the mistreatment. Calling for a consultation with a caring and experienced legal professional can help with a case.


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