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The complications of a divorce can escalate and the stakes can increase significantly if the marital assets or separate property of one spouse are of considerable value. A high asset divorce, sometimes called a high net worth divorce, is generally more likely to spark arguments and begin a lengthy contested divorce. Be sure you are ready for the road ahead, as bumpy or as smooth as it may be, by teaming up with the trustworthy and reputable Providence divorce lawyers at TJC • ESQ. From negotiating fair outcomes to litigating prenuptial agreements, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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Sophisticated High Net Worth Divorce Solutions

The typical married couple in Rhode Island will not share much property together, beyond a home and an automobile. A divorce can be considered high asset if the couple shared or accrued a sizeable amount of finances and income, often more than one million dollars, or if they control complicated assets, like a business.

We can help clients equitably divide complex or high-value assets such as:

  • Family-run businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Real estate properties
  • Vacation homes
  • Widespread investments
  • Stock options, IRAs, or 401(k) plans
  • Pensions
  • Substantial inheritances

What makes high asset divorces far more complex than conventional divorces is the large scale of assets at stake and the intricacy of intermingled assets. Couples often dispute what each spouse owns and how to fairly divide an estate in a way that is satisfactory. There may be hidden assets involved and significant accounts, real estate, or other properties that require experts to valuate. Our Rhode Island family law attorneys are technically savvy and understand how to leverage technology, electronic discovery, and insights from experts to help clients achieve a fair and equitable outcome. Our goal is to protect our clients’ financial interests and help them weather the divorce storm.

When dividing property in a divorce, courts use the principle of equitable distribution. Remember that equitable means fair, not equal; you may get less than a 50% share of your marital property if the court determines that your ex-spouse deserves or needs more to live comfortably.

High Asset Divorce Tips You Should Know

We have established that a high asset divorce is more complicated and potentially more stressful than an average divorce. If you want to remove some of the unknowns and risks involved in going through a high asset divorce, understanding what to expect and what you should be doing ahead of time will help considerably. Review these helpful hints and tips about high asset divorce for more information.

  1. Haste: It is true that haste makes waste, especially in a legal process. A person who rushes through their divorce because they just “want to have it over with” is the same person who makes a critical mistake. In a high asset divorce, one mistake could mean losing thousands of dollars’ worth of property or finances.
  2. Guilt: Experiencing a guilty conscious is understandable during a divorce, as the thought of ending a marriage is difficult for anyone to swallow. What is important is not letting that sense of guilt persuade you into giving up more assets than necessary. If it helps, think of your divorce like a business transaction and do what you can to protect what is rightfully yours.
  3. Secrecy: No matter how highly-prized your assets may be to you, they must be disclosed to your spouse and their legal counsel. Attempting to hide assets through transfers, secondary accounts, or other means destroys your credibility in the courtroom and gives a judge good reason to side with your spouse on split decisions.
  4. Anger: If your divorce is heated, you might want to take this time to get a little bit of revenge on your ex-spouse. Do not let anger be what leads your decisions in your divorce. In the long run, after you have calmed down, you will discover that you are not happy with how things have played out. Whenever you get justifiably wound up by your high asset divorce process, take some time to talk to your family law attorney to gain some perspective, and allow them to address the situation if legal intervention is necessary.
  5. Comparison: There is no such thing as two identical divorces. Every marriage is unique, as are the finances involved in them, and so are the divorces that follow. Comparing your divorce to a friend’s or a family member’s and expecting to get the exact same result will only distract you from focusing on your own.

Remove the Complications with Our Help

A high asset divorce may put hairs on end and seem like it is primed for a legal struggle but it does not have to be. At TJC • ESQ, our Rhode Island divorce lawyers believe in the importance of keeping matters calm and amicable. We genuinely want to protect your best interests but we also want to be the legal guides that let you navigate the process with as little stress or conflict as possible. In the end, you will find that cooperation, when it is possible, is the best option for everyone.

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