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No matter where you are located in Rhode Island, our Providence divorce attorneys at TJC • ESQ, can provide you with intelligent representation throughout your entire divorce from one of our multiple offices in the state. Whatever your divorce needs may be, we are here to help you get through this difficult and possibly complex process.

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Helping Families in Rhode Island Successfully Transition

Depending on your unique situation, divorcing could end up being a long, drawn-out process, or it can be quick and “painless.” In either case, our team can work side-by-side with you, and possibly your ex-spouse, to resolve your conflicts with as little hassle as possible. Ultimately, one of our goals as divorce attorneys in RI is to lower any costs that you may incur during your divorce.

One of the ways we go the extra mile for you is by ensuring that you understand the Rhode Island divorce process, which can include:

Checking eligibility: Either you or your ex-spouse must have resided in Rhode Island for at least a year for the divorce to be allowed in the state.

Collecting paperwork: The county clerk should have the paperwork you need. The trick, however, is making sure you get every form you need. As each divorce is different, you might not need each document, and you could not receive one that is actually required.

Serving: You may not serve the divorce paperwork to your ex-spouse. In Rhode Island, the county sheriff or a private constable must do this for you, at the cost of a service fee. It is recommended to have your attorney there as well, in case any legal issues come up immediately.

Considering your assets: The sooner you start cataloging what might be divided upon your marriage’s dissolution, the better. This process of property division may include business valuations and reviewing family heirlooms.

Thinking of your future: If you share any children with your spouse, you will want to start thinking about child support and custody right now. Spousal support can also become a topic of contention and should be considered as soon as possible.

In the event that you are the one being handed divorce papers, you will need to supply an “answer” to the paperwork. If you feel that the reasons for the divorce as outlined in the documents is amicable, you may have uncontested divorce proceedings in the near future. If you do not agree with everything that is being said, you have the right to create a counterclaim, which will likely result in going through a contested divorce.


What Are the Different Types of Divorce?

Depending on your unique situation, a divorce can be completed in one of three different ways: mediation, uncontested, or contested. In the process of mediation, both spouses work together with a neutral third-party mediator towards a mutually acceptable separation. In this process, the divorcing couple is completely in control of their settlement and is generally able to avoid a lengthy trial.

Similarly, in an uncontested divorce, separating couples each retain their own representation and collaborate with each other out of court. If the spouses are able to agree on all issues, a signed separation agreement is presented before a judge and finalized. Like mediation, this process can help divorcing spouses avoid expensive legal fees and complete their separation relatively quickly. TJC • ESQ. will ensure that your case is handled accordingly and as seamlessly as possible, keeping in mind divorce laws in Rhode Island.

If an agreement cannot be made, litigation is then pursued in court. After each side has had a chance to present their case, a judge will make a final decision on the terms of a couple’s divorce. High net-worth divorces are often contested, as well as those that deal with child custody disputes. Regardless of the type of divorce that you and your couple face, our firm’s Rhode Island divorce lawyers are prepared to stand by your side throughout the duration of your separation and are committed to helping you pursue the most amicable solution possible for your marital separation.

Children and Divorce in Rhode Island

Divorce can become immeasurably more complex when children are brought into the picture. If you are looking to maintain custody of your child or are fighting to secure fair visitation rights, our firm can provide the hard-hitting advocacy you need to maximize your chances of securing a positive outcome for your situation. At TJC • ESQ, we understand how precious your children are to you, and we are prepared to make every effort to help you maintain an active presence in your child’s life.

Handling Complicated Divorce Discovery Processes

A divorce can readily become a frustrating matter if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or information from you. To keep your feet on solid ground and make certain that you are not being deceived, you will want to work with our Rhode Island divorce attorneys and ask them about the divorce discovery process, or the procedures required to identify all of your spouse’s assets legally. We are one of the few law firms that have attorneys who have been published on the topic of electronic discovery and its importance in divorce cases.

We are confident we can handle issues involving:

  • Computer forensics
  • Data seizures
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Spousal misconduct
  • Financial misconduct

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