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Social Media And Divorce

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Everything that you can do today has a high chance of ending up on the internet for all to see. Social media is spilling into all facets of our daily lives, for better or for worse. Due to the exposure of private lives and events, there are some estimates that say that about 20% of all divorces in the United States are tied in some way to social networking. It is no surprise that social applications are starting to take center stage in divorce litigation.

With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, our Rhode Island divorce attorneys at TJC • ESQ can handle contentious family matters where social media is a relevant issue. We are at the cutting-edge of social networking technology and its useful application in family law cases. Lead attorney, Mr. Timothy J. Conlon, has even lectured on the topic to family law attorneys throughout the country since America Online (AOL) was just beginning to gain popularity.

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Social Media Applications and Their Implications

We help counsel people regarding social media implications, and we also understand how to use e-discovery methods as part of our practice that embraces technology to make your case more effective and efficient. In order to build a reliable case, you need to understand some of the details regarding specific and popular applications. Even more importantly, you have to know how they can be used to your advantage, or disadvantage, in a family law dispute.

  • Facebook: The arguable “king” of social media sites and applications, Facebook allows people to instantly share memories through the system’s network. Many people forget that what is shared is not only viewable by friends, but also by friends’ friends, and their friends, and so on. Content that was meant to be private can be picked up by other parties and possibly used against the original poster, such as conversations with other paramours or pictures of frivolous expenses.
  • Instagram: A mobile application dedicated solely to uploading photographs on-the-fly, Instagram can expose the unaware user to eyes unseen. Always be sure of the content you are posting, as the opposite side in your divorce could try to misconstrue your images against you.
  • Tinder: Simply having this application installed on your cellphone can be damaging to your case during a divorce. Tinder allows users to browse singles in their area, decide whether or not they are attracted to them, and engage in conversation if they both so choose. The application has little to no use other than to flirt and meet up with strangers.
  • Ashley Madison: This website has been notorious from the day it was created, Ashley Madison is advertised as a “confidential” place for married people to cheat on their spouses. In 2015, Ashley Madison’s data vaults were hacked and millions of members were put in directly in the spotlight. It is speculated that hundreds of divorces have already been filed due to the site.

e-Discovery is the Future of Litigation

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting people all across the world, and every application or program has its positive benefits. At the same time, however, there is little denying that it can be used to harm someone’s reputation. Our extensive experience with family law matters can give you the confidence you need to either use social media to bolster your case, or to protect you from its damaging implications. Our Rhode Island divorce attorneys make every effort to be available to you, no matter where you are located in Rhode Island. If it is more convenient for you to meet via Skype, iChat, or other communication methods, we can accommodate those needs as well.

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