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Financial Disclosure: Short Form and Long Form

Understanding Your Options in Asset Division

Full financial disclosure is essential in any divorce. By disclosing your marital assets, debts and income, you can ensure your rights and interests are protected in your divorce settlement. Our Rhode Island divorce lawyers can help you understand what information should be disclosed in your divorce and walk you through the entire divorce process. At TJC • ESQ, we know that divorce can be complex. We offer one-on-one services and answer calls around the clock to ensure that your family gets the guidance you need, when you need it. Contact our family law firm today to discuss your divorce with a professional.

Short Form vs. Long Form Financial Disclosure

There are two types of financial disclosure forms in Rhode Island: short form and long form. Your yearly income will determine which form you fill out in your divorce; however, it is important to remember that the length of the form is no indication of the complexity of the property division in your case.

During divorce, marital assets and debts are subject to equitable division. In addition to your income and investments, marital property can include your personal property, home and vehicles. Equitable division does not mean that your marital property will be split 50/50. Instead, the court will decide what is equitable based on the facts in your divorce.

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At our firm, we will work with you to complete the short or long financial disclosure form necessary in your divorce. With lawyers’ knowledge of property division laws in Providence and throughout Rhode Island, we can help you protect your share of marital assets and we can also pursue your former spouse’s hidden assets.

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