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Property and Asset Division in Rhode Island Divorces

How to Divide Marital Assets Equitably in a Divorce

One of the most contentious issues in a divorce can be the division of marital assets. At our divorce and family law firm, TJC • ESQ, our Rhode Island divorce attorneys have handled property division agreements involving millions of dollars in assets. Talk to one of our high asset division lawyers to see what you can expect after your divorce.

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How Is Marital Property Divided?

Generally, the parties assume that property will be divided in half, but the parties often disagree on what is and what is not marital property. In some cases, a spouse will deliberately hide assets to avoid dividing them.

We know how to uncover hidden assets and utilize cutting-edge electronic discovery methods to protect your financial interests and stake in the divorce. Additionally, we can help you fill out financial disclosure forms to ensure that you enter a discussion of property division on the right foot.

Examples of property division cases we have handled:

  • Years after a divorce, our client was awarded 24 million dollars for his role as a whistleblower, but then was sued by his former spouse, who claimed no knowledge of the potential post marital award. We defended the claim, and prepared forensic valuations showing that the value of the claim at the time of the divorce was nil.
  • Our client’s spouse listed $12 million in marital assets – but through electronic discovery and computer forensics, we were able to identify assets in excess of $20 million dollars.
  • A party to litigation in Canada claimed that his interest in certain stock was purchased, not gifted. Attorneys from that litigation used an analysis prepared by Tim Conlon to demonstrate that papers filed by that party in a Rhode Island Family Court divorce revealed that he had claimed this property as gifted throughout those proceedings.

Disputes Involving Marital Property

In other situations, there may be legitimate confusion about what marital property is and how it should be appropriately divided so that the parties are treated fairly and the assets are not decreased in value as a result of the division.

Assets that we can protect include:

  • Asset protection: We can help you determine the status of assets (marital or non-marital) and help assure that assets retain their value in the process of property division.
  • Business valuation: How much is a business worth? When one party is buying out another, a fair price is essential. We will bring the right resources to the task.
  • Reorganization of marital business: A divorce need not destroy a jointly owned business. Attorney Tim Conlon can help you reorganize the business to fit changing circumstances.

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At our family law firm, our attorneys have been consulted by divorce lawyers around the country concerning the complex issues and difficult negotiations that often surround division of marital property, especially contested divorces. If you are involved in a divorce that involves property-especially high-value property-don’t wait to contact us.

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