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Children’s Rights and Defense

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Over the course of the last thirty years, Attorney Timothy J. Conlon has represented juveniles before the Rhode Island Family Court in cases ranging from truancy and disobedience to arson and murder. Juvenile cases often arise in the context of other issues relating to the child and the family. Juvenile defense is significantly different from traditional criminal defense in that the Family Court, unlike a “criminal” court, is there to assist the child and the family in responding to the child’s difficulties.

At TJC • ESQ, our Providence juvenile rights lawyers can defend your child on Family Court charges – but just as importantly, we can help present the Court with an understanding of the client’s needs, and work with the system to secure help.

With TJC • ESQ, you can expect:

  • Personalized client care
  • Ability to access your case papers 24/7
  • Regular updates on your case
  • Over 30 years of proven advocacy for juveniles

What is the DCYF?

The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families – often referred to as just DCYF – is a branch of the Rhode Island government that is focused on strengthening families and communities by providing legal guidelines for child protection and care necessities. At TJC • ESQ, the DCYF is in direct alignment with our own goals as caring family lawattorneys. In particular, we focus on the Juvenile Corrections program of the DCYF, which works to support juveniles who have been convicted of crimes so that they do not fall back into destructive or dangerous behavior. By insisting that detained juveniles continue to receive an education and learn important skills and behaviors, the youth of Rhode Island are not setback permanently by one mistake.

How We Defend Your Child’s Future

The criminal justice system can be callous and uncaring to the individuals who face it. While this is bad enough as it is, matters become even worse when you consider how a young, highly susceptible juvenile will be impacted by the treatment of this legal system. When you retain the help of our Providence juvenile rights attorneys, our goal will be to get your child the help they need, not just the penalties the state wishes to exact upon them. In every child that needs our representation, we see true potential for greatness. It is our duty to do what we can to allow them to realize it, rather than suppress it through overly harsh and critical penalties.

When we take up your case, we can argue that:

  • Your child’s behavior was an isolated incident
  • Your child deserves a comfortable life
  • Traditional criminal punishment will be ineffective
  • Other options of sentencing are available

We Can Help Protect Your Child’s Future

If you wish to inquire about the availability of services to assist you or your child in connection with a juvenile matter, don’t hesitate to ask our attorneys. We understand that your child’s future is at stake, and we are ready to help your child find the help he or she truly needs. Our lawyers can explore non-incarceration options and fight to keep your child’s record as clean as possible.

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