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30 Years of Family Law Experience in Rhode Island

In Providence and throughout Rhode Island, our family law attorneys at TJC ESQ are renowned for their effective representation techniques, ability to handle difficult legal matters that range from divorce to child abuse, and compassionate approach to each case. No matter what family law issue you are facing, you can turn to us for skilled and understanding counsel. We are prepared to use everything we know and all of our strengths together to work for you, resolving legal battles both inside and outside the courtroom. Our office is located in Providence in the historic Turk's Head Building, and we serve clients throughout Rhode Island.

In addition to divorce and family law, our attorneys represent clients in cases involving personal injury, auto accidents and child sexual abuse.

Large Firm Presence in a Small Firm Setting

Every client that comes our way is treated like the VIP that they are. By giving them access to services a Fortune 500 company would expect when hiring a “mega law firm” but doing so with personalized attention and care, we provide litigation techniques that are simply unheard of for a firm of our size.

“You need Tim. He has a machine.”

When people come to our law firm, they are not retaining only the services of our lead attorney, Mr. Timothy J. Conlon. No, they are putting the full force of a coordinated litigation team – or as one former client likened us, a machine– at their backs. Indeed, it is our concentrated efforts and teamwork that truly make us unique. Some law firms are nothing more than three lawyers sitting in the same office but at three different desks; at TJC ESQ, we work together, each one leaning on and learning from the other so that we can all constantly grow and better ourselves. We even have two of the “Top 10 National Academy of Family Law Attorneys Under 40” on our team.

Keeping Up with the Digital Age

While many law firms are stuck in the past, sifting through endless files by hand, keeping everything on paper records only, our firm utilizes computer forensics, electronically stored information, and electronic evidence and discovery techniques. To further enhance the client experience, we create an online client portal that lets you access your case papers 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

Need 2,500 documents bate-stamped and uploaded to a secure server overnight? We can do that!

Our use of high-tech equipment and programs allows us to provide clients with effective and efficient representation statewide, any time of the day, any day of the week. We understand that people in today’s busy world do not always have the time or opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one conversation in our office. To this end, can to utilize Skype, iChat, video conferencing, and other electronic communication methods to meet with you wherever you are located. We also have multiple office locations, each connected to our secure network, for your convenience.

Tech Savvy Litigation Team

We use an arsenal of the latest technologies and tools to aid us in organizing and sifting through the details in a case. Clients are often impressed by our tech-savvy litigation team's use of projectors, online document sharing, and digital spreadsheets to help judges and forensic accountants better understand the facts of a case. When you are involved in complex divorce litigation, having a tech-savvy team can make a difference.

Our Voice is Respected in the Legal Community

Clients that come to our law firm know that they have countless options when it comes to choosing a family law attorney for their case, and yet so many choose us after just one consultation. Why is it that they feel comfortable with allowing us to handle their sensitive legal matters? We believe it is in part due to our reputation that precedes us and our presence that our peers recognize and admire.

We are consulted by attorneys both within and without the state.

Attorney Tim Conlon is not a stranger to many attorneys in Rhode Island and Providence. He has lectured throughout the state – and even the country – about the importance of electronic evidence in this digital age. He has also given seminars about proper trial presentation and doing everything within an attorney’s power to set their clients down the right legal path. We are proud to say that fellow litigators in Rhode Island frequently come to our law firm for advice and consult – it is just another extension of our teamwork approach to everything we do.

Furthermore, Attorney Conlon has been recognized by esteemed news media outlets for his prowess in his field. The New York Times has quoted him and the Providence Journal – one of the leading publications in the greater Providence area – frequently turns to him for material and statements. He has also appeared on the NBC Nightly News and the ABC Nightly News. It may be said that no other lawyer in the state likely has the same amount of media coverage that he has accrued over the decades. If your family law case draws public and media attention, you can bet that he has the experience necessary to deal with it on your behalf.

Read our Articles to learn about some of Attorney Conlon's high-profile cases and media appearances!

Family is Our Focus

The people that rely on our legal skills and knowledge are there for one reason: family. We understand that a case that might seem small to us is the world to you, and we never divert our attention away from what matters the most. We do not want to knock down doors or burn bridges in your case, but rather we want to find an amicable solution that is tailored to your needs and remembers your best interests from start to finish. In a way, we become your close friends more than your legal guides.

Let us know what troubles you are facing, and we will let you know how we can help:

No case is too big, no case is too small. Here at TJC ESQ, we can do it all.

Our History of Results Speaks for Itself

Sometimes people need to know right away if a law firm can help them or not, and they go straight for the facts. At TJC ESQ, we know that our case results and experiences can do all the talking for us in this regard and bring people to the conclusion that we are the right team for their case. We are familiar with family law trials of all sorts, and Attorney Timothy J. Conlon has tried cases in every courthouse in the state – the District Court, the Superior Court, the Family Court, and the Supreme Court. We work with many other attorneys around Rhode Island as trial counsel to provide much-needed experience if the case goes to hearing and witnesses take the stand. Mr. Conlon has even presented and crossed expert testimonies on computer forensics, psychology, and child sexual abuse.

Whereas many other law firms will take a case and try to squeeze it into a settlement for a fast conclusion, we insist on looking at the case from all angles to determine what is the best course of action for our clients. If a settlement is not the right choice, we prepare for trial without hesitation. That is not to say that we will not pursue a settlement, though. We have mediated hundreds of cases over the decades of Family and Superior Court work, each to a satisfactory conclusion for our clients. When everything is totaled, we can say that we have recovered well over $20 million for victims of abuse.

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Meet Attorney Timothy J. Conlon

Your Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Since 1980

Rhode Island divorce attorney Timothy J. Conlon is dedicated to helping families through difficult times and standing up for children’s rights. For his client dedication, results, and experience, he has merited a perfect 10.0 “Superb” Avvo Rating based on an objective mathematical model. Selected for Rhode Island Super Lawyers® and featured in the media, he offers proven legal counsel for even the most challenging family cases, all while maintaining compassionate professionalism.

Attorney Conlon was also one of three attorneys presented with the 2003 award for Case of the Year by the Rhode Island Trial Lawyers Association. The award was presented to “acknowledge the efforts in connection with the Rhode Island clergy abuse cases”. Mr. Conlon chaired the Plaintiff’s Counsel Committee in years-long litigation, securing a settlement of 37 cases on behalf of victims and their families. The settlements totaled $14.25 million and were negotiated with the assistance of the Commonwealth mediation and Conciliation of Brockton, Massachusetts.

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