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Case Results

Obtained Placement for Father

We obtained placement for a father where the custodial parent had continuously violated Court orders regarding the child, after contested hearings for contempt. Since the child’s removal, mother has conceded that the child is doing wonderfully with father and that it is ‘the best place’ for him.

Iraq Veteran Transitioned to Shared Placement of Children

Represented a veteran returning from Iraq to transition his visitation back to shared placement of his children as he progressed with counseling and treatment for PTSD.

Serving as Commissioner (Current Case)

Presently serving as commissioner to supervise the division of an extensive sports memorabilia collection, including hundreds of unique and valuable signed items from New England sports legends.

Residential Care Secured for Adopted Child

Assisting a mother who adopted an child who was sexually abused as an infant in securing appropriate residential care for the child

Helped Father Gain Physical Placement of Children

In January 2015, we helped a Father gain physical placement of his two children, in connection with a divorce. Prior to being in father’s care the parties’ daughter was struggling with truancy and disciplinary issues and was at risk of being placed by DCYF.

Father Awarded Parenting Time

In January 2015, a mother filed a petition seeking sole custody and placement of her two children. Representing the father, we were able to establish an order whereby Father, who was previously being denied visitation, now has parenting time every weekend and for half of the children’s school vacations and holidays. The father also has a right of first refusal if the mother is going to be away from the children for more than three hours at a time.

Reduced Child Support Obligations Granted to Father

In December 2014, we helped a father lower his child support obligation by $200 per month and entered an order requiring his wife to pay one-half of their eldest child’s college tuition.

Mother Successfully Relocated to Florida with Children

In October 2014, we helped a mother successfully relocate to Florida with her children. The mother reports the children are thriving in their new schools and enjoying life in Florida.

Enforced Child Support Payments for Mother

In October 2014, we helped a mother who had not received child support in more than a year secure an order requiring her child’s father to pay support and contribute to the cost of the child’s preschool and medical expenses. We were also able to have the father’s wages garnished each week to ensure the mother received payment.

Crafted Comprehensive Parenting Plan

In September 2014 we were able to craft a comprehensive parenting plan whereby any changes and/or requests regarding the children had to be communicated via email and a failure to respond was deemed to be consent. This arrangement proved to be successful where the other parent routinely failed to communicate regarding the children. We were also able to secure sole control for the father regarding a child’s prescription medications, where the child has been recently hospitalized in Bradley and mother has exhibited resistance to the child taking medication.

Prevented Absentee Father from Gaining Placement

In June 2014, a previously absentee father who had moved out of state was seeking placement of his child. We were not only able to stop the father from gaining placement but entered an order limiting the father’s visitation with the child to visits only in Rhode Island.

Regular Contact and Visitation Granted to Mother

In June 2014, we were able to establish regular Skype contact as well as a visitation schedule for a mother who lived in New York and whose ex-husband had been denying her visitation for more than one year. Mother was granted most of the summer with the child as well as alternating school vacations and holidays in New York, and additional visits in the child’s home state. We were also able to establish an order that the father, who had previously been making the mother do all of the driving for the visitation, meet her halfway between their respective home states.

Mother Reunited with Newborn Daughter

In June 2014, we helped a mother who had been removed from her home by DCYF, reunite with her newborn daughter.

Visitation Rights Granted to Grandmother

In March 2014 we secured visitation for a grandmother who was being denied visitation with her granddaughter due to a dispute between the child’s parents (her son and the child’s mother). We were able to get the grandmother visitation at a minimum of one weekend per month from Friday through Sunday as well as one week for vacation in the summer.

Visitation Arrangement Negotiated for Grandfather

In May 2013, we were able to negotiate a visitation arrangement, including overnight visitation, for a grandfather who was being denied visitation with his grandson.

Child Support and Visitation Negotiated for Father

In August 2013, we were able to get an order lowering a father’s child support amount to accurately reflect his income. We were also able to straighten out a past accounting issue with Child Support Enforcement that could have led to the father losing his license.

In July 2014, we were able to negotiate a visitation schedule for this father, who lived out of state, that resulted to the child traveling to visit with his father for Christmas vacation as well as most of the summer.

Helped Marine Establish Court-Ordered Schedule for His Son

We helped a Marine stationed in South Carolina to establish a court-ordered schedule for his son to travel from Newport, Rhode Island, for visitation.

We secured dismissal of a domestic assault charge lodged by a parent that wanted to change custody to increase welfare benefits.

We obtained orders requiring the valuation of a family jewelry business in Westerly, Rhode Island as part of a divorce.

Finalized Reorganization of Couple’s Family Business

Tim finalized reorganization of a couple’s family businesses, structuring long-term benefits for one spouse, collateralized with stock pledges.

Client Released from a Limited Partnership Holding Colorado Real Estate

We handled a work-out releasing a client from a limited partnership holding Colorado real estate that had been mismanaged by client’s former spouse, relieving her of a potential six-figure deficiency claim.

We enforced a Rhode Island pre-nuptial agreement to bar a Brazilian national from pressing foreign alimony claims, and protect the client from enforcement of any judgment obtained in Brazil that violated the pre-nuptial agreement.

Heroux v Carpentier, et al

Rhode Island Superior Court litigation stating claims against a Rhode Island priest and the diocesan hierarchy for child sexual abuse, and raising claims of fraud and concealment on the part of the hierarchy. This is one of at least 30 such cases presently before the Rhode Island Superior Court. Mr. Conlon chairs the Plaintiffs’ Counsel Committee.

Documents referenced in the complaint prepared by Attorney Richard Cappalli and Attorney Conlon regarding the prior knowledge of Rhode Island’s bishops also are available for public review.

Smith v O’Connell, et al

Federal Court litigation stating claims against a now-deceased Rhode Island priest and the diocesan hierarchy for child sexual abuse. This litigation involves the validity of the Church’s assertion of “first amendment” protection from child sexual abuse claims, the “repressed memory” issue as it relates to adult claims of child sexual abuse, the “false memory syndrome” defense to such claims, and allegations of fraud and concealment on the part of the diocesan hierarchy. Plaintiffs are pursuing appeals from a district court ruling that their conditions as a result of sexual abuse did not “disable” them for the purposes of Rhode Island’s statute of limitations tolling provision, G.L 1956 (1997 Reenactment) §9-1-17.

In re: Donald G., et al

Family Court litigation on behalf of all children placed by the RI Department for Children, Youth and Their Families in a locked residential treatment facility operated by a private corporation. This litigation led to a Rhode Island Family Court consent decree freeing 14 status offenders from confinement in the facility, and establishing standards that still govern the detention and treatment of juvenile non-offenders and status offenders.

***** and ***** v. D’Amario

Family Court litigation on behalf of a mother and father of a special needs child alleging traumatization of the child by the State Department for Children, Youth and Families. Litigation resulted in an injunction restricting the state child welfare agency’s contact with the child, and yielded a 95 page report recommending systemic changes in training of child abuse investigators.

Gill v. Gelineau, et al, Doe v. Gelineau, et al; Doe v. Gelineau, et al; Roe v. Gelineau, et al

Counsel of record for 4 children and the families of three of those children in pending civil actions arising out of allegations of ongoing sexual abuse, and failure to report same in a defunct orphanage formerly operated by a corporation under the aegis of the Diocese of Providence.

Tavano v. Messa et, al; LaFlamme v. Messa, et, al; and Ferrara v. Messa, et, al

Companion civil actions brought on behalf of child victims and their families against Thomas Messa, a former Providence School teacher convicted of six counts of second degree child molestation, and various administrators in the Providence school system for negligence in their supervision of Messa.

Doe v. McKenna et, al;

A related matter arising out of negligent supervision of Messa. In a ten-page decision released May 8, Superior Court Judge Alice Gibney referenced repeated incidents, years before Messa’s arrest, in which school officials learned that Messa had been accused of touching students on the rear end or in the private parts. These incidents were not reported by school officials, or documented in Messa’s personnel file. Judge Gibney therefore rejected Ricci’s argument for immunity and summary judgment.

Croce v. RCA Service Corp., et al;

Irons v. RCA Service Corp., et al;

Maldavir v. RCA Corp., et al

Companion civil actions pursued on behalf of former residents of a private residential treatment center formerly located in Cranston, RI.

Nadeau v. Nadeau

The firm represents a father in Rhode Island trial court and appellate proceedings arising out of an interstate contested custody matter with crossing allegations of psychological abuse. In an eighteen-page decision released July 21, the Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act prohibits mother from removing children from the jurisdiction, alleging abuse, and then maintaining out-of-state custody proceedings. Trial is anticipated in August of 1998.

Herbert R. v. Barbara R.

Attorney Conlon was brought in after a hearing on the merits divided 13.5 million dollars ’50/50,’ and used computer forensics to document substantial investment assets that were not divided. Although the party that failed to disclose these assets claimed they had only ‘speculative value,’ a review of computer files revealed detailed net worth statements prepared by that party in advance of the divorce showing the marital estate at roughly 24 million.

The innocent party was awarded 55% of the whole, and counsel fees as a result.
Attorney Conlon has presented several seminars for attorneys on the use of computers in litigation, and electronic discovery and computer evidence in Divorce and Family Law.

Business Buy-Out

We represented a shareholder in a successful liquor business during his divorce, and when it sold, though a closing that released stock restrictions used to secure the former spouse to allow the third party buy out.

Hidden Asset Case

Round 1
Originally settled as uncontested by another attorney, were brought in by wife’s trial counsel when undisclosed assets ($75,000) were uncovered.

We discovered $13 million in assets that had not been distributed in the divorce. Negotiated settlement for 55% of the entire ($25 million) estate. Secured payments for counsel fees, accounting fees and computer forensics.

Round 2
When he didn’t pay, we arranged for seizure of boat ($1.2 million) in Turkey to collect funds.

Protected Spousal Interests in Business

Negotiated to protect spousal interests in successful Rhode Island business, working within existing stock restrictions to secure employment for divorcing spouse pending equitable distribution. Later retained to negotiate collateralized buy out of the employment package, and stock buy out (3.95M).

Successfully Recovered Funds Improperly Transferred by Husband

Successfully recovered $300k, improperly transferred by Husband to a family member during divorce.

Secured order allowing recovered funds to be used for support of client and the parties’ son during pendency of proceedings.

Business Woman Taken in by Foreign National

A successful Rhode Island businesswoman was taken in by a foreign national who moved hundreds of thousands of dollars offshore during a short term marriage.

We freed her business interests from claims by the Husband and secured her 100% of the remaining assets in the US.

Achieved the Return of an 8-Year-Old Boy, Removed from the State in Violation of Family Court Orders

Secured the return of an 8-year-old boy, removed by the then custodial parent from the state of Rhode Island in violation of Family Court orders

Upon recommendation of a guardian ad litem, the child now resides with the client.

Successfully Dismissed Sexual Violence Charges Against Father

Brought in as co-counsel to represent father in obtaining placement of 4 children, where father was wrongfully accused of sexual violence against mother during divorce, in order to gain leverage in the Family Court. Father now has placement and criminal charges are dismissed.

Secured Return of Child Who Was at Risk of Being Removed from the Country

We helped secure the return of a child who Dad believed was at risk of being removed from the country. Less than 24 hours from the date of our initial contact with Dad we were able to secure an emergency order granting dad sole custody and physical possession of the child, restraining and enjoining mom from removing the child from the State of Rhode Island or the borders of the United States, and authorizing law enforcement to assist in securing the surrender of the child to dad immediately. We utilized a private investigator, local and federal law enforcement, contacts at the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children, and the US Department of State to locate mom and the child, put “flags” on their passports to prevent them from leaving the country.

Helped Mother Secure Placement of her Minor Children

Round 1 – Helped a mother secure placement of her minor children with limited visitation for dad based on a history of psychological abuse by dad as well as get an order that dad reimburse her for approximately $40,000 in educational, medical and extracurricular expenses relative to the children.
Round 2 – Helped mom modify the existing visitation schedule so she could successfully relocate to Florida with the children. Mom reports the children are thriving in their new home.

Negotiated Visitation Arrangement for a Grandfather

We were able to negotiate a visitation arrangement, including overnight visitation, for a grandfather who was being denied visitation with his grandson.

Represented Grandmother for Best Interest of Child While Pending Mom’s DCYF Case.

Represented a grandmother in connection with a DCYF matter. We successfully argued the grandmother had a right to be heard regarding the best interests of the child given she was a relative who had provided care for the child. The child was placed with Grandma pending mom’s completion of DCYF’s case plan.

Secured Visitation for Grandmother being Denied Visitation with Granddaughter

We secured visitation for a grandmother who was being denied visitation with her granddaughter due to a dispute between the child’s parents (her son and the child’s mother). We were able to secure the grandmother regular overnight as well extended summer visitation.

Special Needs Adoption Threatened DCYF Case

A special needs adoption was jeopardized by a DCYF investigation that went off the rails
We brought an Family Court action that lead to a 100 page expert report (paid for by the Department) that exonerated the parents, called for upgrades to DCYF training and reforms of the system.
The child was able to remain with the preadoptive parents through adulthood

Angry Daughter Claimed ‘Abuse’

A doctor – when an angry teenage daughter claimed ‘abuse’
Years after the spat, and the case was resolved the daughter subsequently hired us to represent her!

Resolved Difficult Divorce Regarding Funding Costs for Autistic Child

We resolved a difficult divorce that had been hung up over the funding of treatment costs for an autistic child, and the division of a stock option buy out.

Obtained Protective Order for Innocent Spouse

We obtained a protective order for an ‘innocent spouse’ whose husband had run up $40,000 in unfunded (and undisclosed) tax liabilities.

Used Information to Shut Down Hundreds of Thousands in Offshore Transfers

We identified and documented hundreds of thousands in offshore transfers – and used the information to shut down access to all remaining US funds.

Helped Place Student with School After Incident With Teacher

We helped a student get placement out of her school district for the new school year after an incident with her teacher.

Helped Marine Achieve Custody of his Daughter

We helped a marine stationed in California get custody and emergency placement of his daughter in Rhode Island.

Met with Accountants for Local Oral Surgeon

We met with accountants for a local oral surgeon to review practice buy-in documents as an alternative to the expense of valuation of a dental practice in a divorce.

Collected Payment From a Former Spouse Who Had Failed to Pay

We collected $875,000 for a California woman from a former spouse who had failed to pay a Family Court judgment – and then used the money he owed her to build himself a house in Greece.

Emergency Order to Back Up Computers to Secure Data

We obtained an emergency order authorizing the immediate back up of computers at a Rhode Island based business to secure data regarding substantial international dealings, and then supervised a data forensics team’s overnight shut down and imaging of the company’s servers.

Helped Mother With Immediate Return of Child Held in Violation of Court Order

We helped a mother obtain police assistance to secure the immediate return of a 15-month old child held in violation of a Court order.

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