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| Aug 16, 2017 | Child Custody, Divorce

When you have children, your priorities shift. This is even more true when you are in the midst of a divorce. Whether or not you and your child’s other parent want to be together is of no importance. What matters is making sure your children are as sheltered, loved, and protected as possible throughout this process. Other divorcing couples may spend their time fighting with each other-however, when there are children involved, you must focus your energy on making this transition as smooth as you possibly can, for their sake.

Our firm offers the following tips when divorcing when there are children involved:

  • Don’t use them as bargaining chips when you are unhappy with your ex.
  • Don’t complain to them about any issues regarding your marriage.
  • Don’t take out any frustrations you have on your children, who are innocent in this matter.
  • Remind them constantly of how much you love them and you will always be there for them.
  • Make sure they know they are not cause of your divorce.
  • Trying to keep things as consistent as possible, especially when it comes to holidays, weekends, school events, and more.
  • Keep communication open as often as possible.
  • Offer them support.
  • Encourage them to speak up when they’re feeling unhappy, so they don’t bottle up their feelings inside.

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