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Assisting children by making necessary reports

| Jul 10, 2020 | Child Sexual Abuse

While physical abuse is often easy to identify because of the bruises that are visible, sexual abuse might not always be detected as easily. If child sexual abuse is being committed or if it’s suspected in Connecticut, it should be reported as soon as possible to the proper authorities. There are a few signs that could indicate child sexual abuse has occurred including a decrease in interacting with others, sheets or clothes that have blood on them, and talking in a manner that is a bit mature for the age of the child.

When talking to a child who could have been sexually abused, the adult should choose a time and place that’s comfortable. The tone of voice used should be one that doesn’t sound frightening. Instead, the adult should use a soothing voice that calms the child. If there are enough signs present, then a report of child sexual abuse can be made to the department of social services or to local law enforcement personnel. Agents can then investigate the situation to determine if sexual abuse has occurred and if any charges should be filed.

After an abuse case is reported, an adult close to the child can offer emotional support. At times, the adult might not be able to have further contact with the child, which would need to be something to consider so that there is closure made before the details are reported to the proper authorities.

When a child gains the courage to admit that sexual abuse has occurred, an adult can go with the child to speak with an attorney after any charges have been filed. The attorney can speak for the child in court and can work with agencies for proper placement if the child is removed from the primary residence. A parent of the child can obtain help from an attorney regarding child custody as well.


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