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How truckers can fight off their fatigue

| Aug 20, 2020 | Personal Injury

Drivers in Connecticut may feel tired behind the wheel now and then, but things can be even worse for truck drivers. With them, it can be a constant battle against sheer physical and mental exhaustion. Still, truckers need to be responsible and do what they can to avoid these problems.

Starting with sleep and a good diet

The only lasting solution to drowsiness is adequate sleep: between six and eight hours a night, experts say. If they cannot get all of this in one go, truckers could pull over at intervals of their choosing for short naps.

A good diet increases alertness, too. The National Institutes of Health says that rather than eating hamburgers, truckers could consider a tuna sandwich. Rather than donuts, they could have English muffins.

Less alcohol and caffeine and more water

Truckers can avoid a lot of health problems if they minimize their intake of caffeine. According to the FDA, caffeine raises adrenaline levels, which can lead to lightheadedness, headaches and anxiety. Truckers should not drink alcohol much, either, but opt for more water.

A good seat suspension system

Truckers can become drowsy through the constant jarring they experience in the truck cab. Taking their environment into account is the last crucial step in preventing drowsiness. One possible measure that drivers could take is to install a reliable seat suspension system.

Personal attention for a truck crash case

Drowsy truck drivers are being negligent, and so when they cause truck collisions as a result of their drowsiness, their employer may wind up facing a personal injury claim. If they are owner-operators, then their insurance company may face it. As for you, you were injured and are wondering if you can seek compensation. You may have a lawyer assess the case according to this state’s modified comparative negligence rule.


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