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If you did not win full child custody rights of your child during your divorce but your ex-spouse did, you are probably wondering when it is you will be able to see your child. By setting up a visitation agreement during your separation, you and your spouse can work together to determine when you are permitted to see your child. Coming to an agreement that works for the both of you, however, can be understandably difficult.

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The Basics of a Visitation Agreement in Rhode Island

When a parent is granted full custody of a child in a Rhode Island divorce court, there is usually some specific reason why the other parent was not offered joint custody. To this end, it can be an uphill battle for you, the parent who was not granted joint custody, to earn visitation rights. You must be able to persuasively argue in court that your absence in your child’s life is detrimental and that your child’s absence in your life is harmful to your wellbeing as well.

If you are granted visitation rights, you can expect to be able to see your child during:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Special events
  • Emergencies
  • Certain school activities
  • Important sports games

Depending on your standing with your ex-spouse and how well the two of you can get along, you may be able to set up a more predictable and regular visitation schedule. For some divorced couples, this means allowing the noncustodial parent the right to visit their shared child every weekend. Keep in mind that visiting does not equate to physical or legal custody of your child. Even if a visitation schedule is granted, you should not try to make major life decisions for your child without first consulting with your ex-spouse, nor should you expect them to actually stay in your home for an extended period of time.

We Handle Difficult Interstate Visitation Cases

Given that Rhode Island is renowned for being the smallest state imaginable, if you or your ex-spouse decided to get some distance after your divorce, odds are pretty high that you two now reside in two separate states. Our Rhode Island divorce lawyers are well-versed in the complications and unique intricacies involved in interstate, and even international, custody and visitation disputes and agreements. We can work around the clock to ensure that you get to see your child at reasonable intervals, no matter the distance. One solution may be to allow you to use electronic communication programs to speak with your child several times a week via the internet.

Let’s Work Together to Make Your Future Better

Spending time with your children is a crucial part of being a parent, and divorce should not get in the way of that experience. Our Rhode Island family law attorneys are here to help you and your ex-spouse find an amicable middle ground when it comes to visitation agreements. While we encourage mediation in conference rooms, we are not shy to take matters to court if it is to our client’s advantage. Whatever legal avenue to explore for your success, we can and we will.

Go ahead and contact our team today and we’ll tell you your legal options.

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