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Knowledgeable Counsel When Divorce Occurs Later In Life

For those approaching their retirement years, divorce can have unique implications. However, divorce for those over the age of 50 has become increasingly common.

At TJC • ESQ, our attorneys understand the complications, both emotional and financial, involved for divorcing older couples. While you may have attempted to resolve or set aside differences throughout the earlier years of marriage, you may realize now that with retirement fast approaching, the time to compromise has passed. With over 30 years of experience, we offer a sound, knowledgeable strategy to protect your long-term interests.

One kindly, greying banker, when asked “why now, after so many years of marriage,” put it well:

“There was always a reason to avoid the difficulties of the divorcing (my husband). The kids, then ‘college tuition,’ then ‘the weddings.’ I saw my retirement nearing, and I just realized, I wanted peace. I wanted to be happy.” — Former client

We get that, and with nearly four decades of experience, we offer a sound, knowledgeable strategy to protect your long-term accomplishments when it’s time to look out for yourself.

Critical Considerations In A Gray Divorce

Couples seeking “gray divorce,” or divorce later in life, have likely spent years, if not decades, being married. As such, the issues to resolve can be complex, with serious implications for upcoming retirement years. Critical issues to resolve can include:

The property division settlement can dictate much about your retirement years. Rhode Island is an equitable distribution state, meaning that all property assets must first be determined as marital or separate before they can be fairly split.

When the marriage has lasted decades, much of the accumulated property and assets may be marital — that is, acquired, earned or accumulated during the marriage. This can complicate the property division process.

Leverage Our Reputation As Experienced Litigators

We can advise on what is in your best interests. When retaining the marital home is important to you, we will advise on whether giving up something else could assist in achieving this. When retaining your hard-earned retirement savings is critical, we will provide guidance on maintaining as much as possible in your name.

Discussing complex financial issues can quickly become contested. We are experienced litigators and have tried cases in every courthouse in Rhode Island. You can trust in our experience to aggressively protect your interests and pursue what you deserve.

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