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Client Testimonials

I am grateful Tim Conlon shares my belief

From my perspective divorce has two key components – the emotional side and the financial side. When leaving my marriage of 23 years, I sought joy and an ease in my life that was not often available. I entered the divorce proceeding with an initial objective; healing the overwhelming emotions of loss, while moving forward with grace. And then things got complicated. I discovered my former husband had hidden marital assets from me for decades. His near legendary, deceptive strategies during the divorce proceeding required a 2 year battle. My former husband owns at least 4 businesses, 15 banking/investment accounts and more than 30 parcels of real estate including rental income on most properties. To settle my divorce fairly required an experienced knowledge of commercial banking, real estate finance, and intricate attempts to hide assets. Within 6 weeks and headed toward a trial, my initial counsel withdrew from my divorce case overnight. Tim Conlon dissected the property settlement agreement proposed by the opposing counsel, noting a significant inequity of $998,000 and agreed to take my case immediately. I needed to know I had not been taken advantage of by my former husband. TJC.ESQ uses advanced technology for accumulating asset data and calculating the value. I felt included in the process and frequently received education regarding particulars for which I was unfamiliar. The on-line system allowed me to “see” the marital estate. On the first instance of reviewing the marital estate Tim uploaded and projected on wall a spread sheet providing a detailed description of all assets and their values. To manage the details of the divorce in rapid speed required the additional skills of “people management.” Tim quashed my former husband’s hostile, and inflammatory temperament with ease. Tim flipped my the extreme domination of the divorce proceeding into a defensive negotiating posture. In observance of his tactical skill I felt in control of the outcome of my divorce for the for the first time since initiating the dissolve of my marriage. Based on the firm’s ability to manage critical asset details though technology, Tim’s experience with finance and managing difficult spouses, Tim wrote the property settlement in clear language for which I could understand and led my husband to a settlement agreement and was 1/3 more than proposed by the opposing counsel. As a survivor of a two year lengthy and highly contested divorce I am grateful Tim Conlon shares my belief – ‘begin again, don’t look back’ – to do so you can not feel you have been taken advantage and without a fair division of marital assets you may not be able to activate a plan for rebuilding the joyful life you deserve.

I wouldn’t be comfortable with any other firm handling my family legal matters after working with the outstanding team at TJC • ESQ

I came to TJC • ESQ with a very difficult family matter and wasn’t sure anyone could help my situation. Tim and his staff immediately offered me sound counseling and took on working on my problems. They worked with diligence and were able to resolve my case with positive results in a very timely matter. I wouldn’t be comfortable with any other firm handling my family legal matters after working with the outstanding team at TJC • ESQ. I am thankful for their work and dedication to their profession. Thank you all very much.

I recommend Angelina with utmost enthusiasm

My children’s well-being has always been of paramount importance in my life. Given the situation at home, I came to the realization that it would not be possible to provide a peaceful environment for my children if matters had to stay status quo. I was hoping to reach an out of court agreement with my ex-husband but when he filed for divorce and I was summoned to go to court, I had to find a lawyer immediately. Since I was living out of state, I found a lawyer who was closer to me and he made a lot of promises and assurances that everything would be fine. Soon I realized that he did not want to understand the complexity of the case and my children’s future was at risk. I decided to put the driving distance aside and look for a reputable law firm in Providence, RI, which is only focused on family law. I found The Law Offices of Timothy J. Conlon and I was introduced to Attorney Angelina Landi. Even in the first meeting, I was quite impressed with her qualities and the depth and breadth of her knowledge in the field. She has continuously helped me through this difficult divorce and child custody battle. Over the course of this hard process, I found Attorney Landi to be very focused on the issues with great attention to details. In the midst of the chaos, she could easily see the importance of the events, no matter how big or small, and did prioritize the actions and streamline the process. She showed the passion and empathy that anyone needs during such difficult times. Angelina informed me of all the possible scenarios we had to face and gave me clear instructions and guidelines on what needed to be done to present the truth in the best way possible and manage to find our ways in the sometimes impossible labyrinths of the legal system. After the finalization of the divorce, matters turned difficult again when I had to move with my children to another state. It was unpredictable to me and it certainly is an event, which is very hard to present to the other side and the court. She was again very helpful and was able to come up with an arrangement to make the move possible. Even now after the passage of some time in my new life that I have the physical custody of my children, I still seek her advice on obstacles that are created during visits and I greatly value and benefit from her opinions and advice. One day I asked her why she went to become a lawyer and I was impressed by her answer. She said that she likes “to help people especially when they are not at their best.” Today, if I am able to do my best for my children and myself, it is because I had someone to help me during the time that once seemed to be an endless chaos. It is not anymore. I recommend Angelina with utmost enthusiasm.

Angelina is one of the few attorneys I’ve met that have the people skills of a really nice person

Angelina is one of the few attorneys I’ve met that have the people skills of a really nice person. She is willing to give the opposing attorney an attitude and at the same time she’s able to treat her clients with dignity and respect. I’ve recommended her to happily married couples because my experience with her was so good. I’m encouraging divorces so people can experience Angelina’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. I may get married again, just so I can hire Angelina for my divorce. Some of this comment is in jest. But I do strongly recommend Angelina and the TJC law firm!

He was prepared to win

My case was complicated by the politics of the Family Court. Tim got to know the details of my case. He made sure that when a motion was brought to court on my behalf, he was prepared to win. He is respectful of the court. Gets to know the players of the case. He does his homework thoroughly. He does not give you false hope. He speaks straight up to you. I would absolutely recommend him. I wish I started my divorce out with him.

Tim’s knowledge and expertise to provide the best representation available

Timothy Conlon has represented me since August of 2003 in very difficult custody litigation. He has worked with a child therapist and my child’s Guardian ad Litem to protect her in circumstances that were so confusing and complex that the Doctors and Professionals cannot agree. I have found Tim’s knowledge and expertise to provide the best representation available. He has been forthright, and handled my case with integrity, definitiveness and a passion towards upholding justice.

With Mr. Conlon’s help, I have my life back.

I first met with Mr. Conlon two years ago to discuss a marital separation. He advised me and gave me direction as to how I could proceed and yet protect my own interests, which would also prop up my ability to make important financial decisions should the separation not work. Within a short time it became obvious that the only course of action was to file for a divorce. From this point on Mr. Conlon counseled me and guided the divorce settlement process to a level which was not only extremely beneficial to me but also gave me a new start in life. As a result of his expert negotiations I was able to buy my own home for the first time in my life and start over in a new career. With his help I have my life back and the painful process of divorce was not the terrifying maze of emotional and legal entanglements I had expected it to be, but a controlled environment where both my former husband and I were able to reach common ground and negotiate an agreement that resolved all aspects of our marriage equitably and at the same time salvaged our mutual self-respect.

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